10 Invisalign Alternatives Advantages and Disadvantages by Dr. Gull

A straight and shiny smile is a dream of all. However, it was never as easy to achieve as it is now. Thanks to current orthodontic technological advances, confident smiles are accessible for all. Conventional approaches, such as metal braces gold standard once, now appear redundant as clear aligners have revolutionized the game. Not only do aligners offer efficacious teeth straightening, but they are also nearly invisible, thus appealing to the patients.

Among the many brands providing clear aligners, Invisalign has stood out for years. However, it is on the expensive side and not affordable for everyone. Hence, this article will introduce the cheapest Invisalign alternative brands for clear aligners. Some are Byte, CandidPro, SnapCorrect, Smilelove, SureSmile, and AlignerCo.

So, If you have a dull smile and your teeth require straightening, this article is definitely for you. It will serve as a guide about popular teeth straightening options and Invisalign alternatives for adults.

Teeth Straightening Options

1. Braces

Braces are metallic brackets that utilize mild, steady pressure to treat misaligned teeth and fix them to their actual positions over time. Numerous teeth defects, including gapped, crooked, crowded, or rotated teeth, are corrected via braces. There are multiple variants of braces, like traditional metal braces, lingual braces, and ceramic braces.

Traditional Metal Braces

Stainless steel bands, wires, and brackets make metallic braces. These are the most affordable and treat severe teeth misalignments.

Traditional Braces

Lingual Braces

These are similar to metallic braces. However, they are fixed on the back surface of teeth rather than the front to avoid them from being seen.

Ceramic Braces

These are least noticeable owing to tooth-colored wires, brackets, and ligatures. Although they are more visually appealing, they are more delicate than metallic braces.

2. Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have transformed the teeth straightening technology. Also called invisible braces, clear aligners are personalized plastic trays to straighten your smile while being nearly invisible. Unlike metal braces, clear aligners are removable. But you have to wear them for at least 22 hours daily. Invisalign is the most hyped aligner brand.

Man with Invisible Aligners

Invisalign Alternative Brands


If you are looking for the cheapest Invisalign alternative brands, then Byte is the right option. Collaborating with a global network of authentic dental experts, Byte ensures top-notch at least price compared to other brands of traditional aligners. They offer diverse treatment options for their invisible, at-home aligners. Byte is in partnership with Dentsply Sirona, a global dental supplies giant, working to provide 50,000 people with straighter smiles by 2025.

Treatment Plans

1. All-day-clear-aligners

You should wear all-day-clear aligners for 22 hours/ daily for four months to get a straight smile. The total cost of the plan is $1,999. However, you have multiple payment options to choose from.

2. At-Night-clear-aligners

Wearing aligners at night while you sleep presents the most swift solution for repositioning teeth. Byte provides this as an at-Night-aligner. For $2,399, At-Night-clear-aligners should be worn for>10 hours every night for five months.

Free teeth whitening treatment and a lifetime guarantee make Byte Clear aligners stand out.


● To ensure customer satisfaction, Byte provides free assistance throughout treatment to realign your smile if it gets mispositioned.

● At byte, you get multiple payment plans. Hence you can choose according to your budget.

● To provide customers with at-home progress tracking facilities, Byte has introduced MyByte App, which ranks consistently among the best-performing applications in the App Store. The App also provides helpful reminders to make your teeth healthy.

● Byte provides a dentist-authorized clear aligner treatment plan.


Retainers are a part of the clear aligner treatment plan and are not sold separately. But Byte is all set to launch them separately.


Equipped with cutting-edge technology to manufacture clear aligners, CandidPro is another Invisalign alternative, which works in partnership with Philips and collaborates with regional dental experts to provide quality aligners. The top diagnostic setup and remote monitoring through the app enable CandidPro to treat more patients in less time.

CandidPro clear aligners

The average realignment period of your teeth with CandidPro clear aligners spans up to 8.5 months.

Treatment Plan

CandidPro clear Aligners plan includes:

● Dentist consultation

● Full aligners set

● Premium whitening foam

● At-home progress tracking

● Additional aligners as needed

● Other Products

● Philips Zoom Whitening Kit

● PermaForm Retainers (for receivers of CandidPro clear aligners)


● CandidPro has dentists onboard from all over the country. So, you can avail of their service from anywhere. You only have to visit any CandidPro dental expert throughout the country.

● You'll receive customized whitening trays from CandidPro after providing your dentistry details.

● The CandidPro teledentistry app is top-rated. It monitors your progress and keeps you on track.

● CandidPro clear aligners are designed to lessen attachments compared to traditional braces and other aligners.


Every doctor has varied treatment costs.


With the vision to provide braces and aligner services at minimum rates by avoiding costly and undesirable dentist visits, SnapCorrect stepped into teledentistry. To ensure a confident smile alongside straight teeth, SnapCorrect delivers a free dental foam and gel at-home whitening kit as a part of your clear aligners treatment plan.

SnapCorrect invisalign

● SnapCorrect clear aligners give you straight teeth, while the whitening package makes them white.

● SnapCorrect offers the least time-consuming aligner treatment of 3 months at 70% less cost than conventional braces.

● The one-time cost of treatment is $1749.00.

● Compared to Byte aligners, only the first retainer set is provided for free.

Comparison with Other Products

● SnapCorrect provides a cheaper and quicker solution for malpositioned teeth.

● Braces are unattractive and less comfortable. Aligners, on the other hand, are least visible and cause much less discomfort.


Align your teeth in a minimum timeframe and is a cheaper option.


The limitation is that a single free retainer set is provided with aligner treatment. After that, you have to purchase them. So, it might appear a cheaper option than other brands like Byte, but the added cost of retainers surges the price.


Orthly, a newbie to the game, launched in 2017, provides dentist-prescribed clear aligner treatment with a blend of quality for half the usual price.

Treatment Plan

Orthly, just like other teledentistry services, provides you with the opportunity to visit your dentist in person only once, and after that, to monitor your progress and even check in with your doctor, you may use the mobile app.


Even though getting your dream smile at home seems interesting, using Orthly can give rise to multifaceted issues. Monitoring teeth remotely cannot be as efficacious as doing that in person.


If you are looking for quick fixes and precise aligners on the market, Smile Love is the right option.

Treatment Plan

Smilelove provides two aligner groups as a part of their ClearComfort treatment plan. You have to use the first softer aligner for five days. After that, you switch to the thicker set for the next seven days. This switching of aligners lasts up to 6–8 months. At $ 1895, Smilelove also provides complimentary superior teeth whitening.


● If your treatment goes wrong, doesn't suit you, or your dentist decides that it isn't good for you, Smilelove refunds the cost of your aligners.

● Smilelove clear aligners are FDA-certified and don't contain BPA.

● Your complete treatment package is delivered to your doorstep all at once

● To ensure appropriate remote procedure, Smilelove provides video call consultations with experts to assist you in completing integral tasks like capturing your impressions.


● You can get only one retainer set for free

Dandy Clear Aligner Lab

Dandy operates slightly differently. It supplies clear aligners to dentists and helps dentists deliver a full range of clear aligners to patients to expand their practices financially. It is a single company operating as an end-to-end digital dentistry practicing partner. Apart from aligners, it helps dentists upgrade their skills by providing free training on clear aligners, assistance from specialists with orthodontic expertise, and treatment planning.

Lab Services

● Completely Digital

● Carbon M3 and M3 Max 3D Printers (Most precise 3D printers)

● Zirconia and custom abutment milling


● Crown and Bridge

● Dental Implants

● Partial and full dentures

● Clear Aligners

Opportunities for dentists

● Enhance their skill set and improve practice

● Provide patient with better experience

Wonder Smile

Wonder Smile provides a day or night treatment plan of clear aligners to straighten your teeth.

How does it work?

Their dentists create your aligner set after getting your 3D dental scan.

Treatment Plans

Following the footsteps of Byte, the WonderSmile treatment plan includes day and night aligners as an Invisalign alternative at-home

1. Whole-Day Aligners

Whole-day aligners are to be worn during the day. These are easily reasonable and give quick results.

Daily Wear: 6 Months; 22 Hours

2. The NightClear Aligners

NightClear aligners take nine months of daily wear to reposition the misaligned teeth. Overall, night treatment plans are considered a better option for aligners.

Wonder Smile charges $1,950 for its clear aligners treatment plan.


Aligners are custom-made to achieve the desired result.

Wonder Smile is the top-rated clear aligner brand, according to Trustpilot.


Looking for an Invisalign alternative at Reddit, SureSmile it is. It is a digital Lab collaborating with dental experts to provide patients with personalized aligners according to their needs and desired smile outcomes.

SureSmile Aligners

The process at SureSmile starts with your digital dental scan. Then, your dentist, in collaboration with the SureSmile® Digital Lab, formulates customized aligners to fix your teeth.

The treatment cost varies according to the chosen aligner plan. For example, for a treatment duration  of 10.5 months,  the cost would be $4,000


● Highly personalized aligners plan created by SureSmile's expert dentists using proprietary software, SureSmile

● Aligners are created by your dentist, who works in collaboration with SureSmile. So you can trust the quality.

Other Products

●Patient Kit

● Simulator

● Retainers

● Whitening Kit

● Clear Aligners

● VPro


Jordan Katzman and Alex Fenkell launched SmileDirectClub in 2014 to provide teledentistry services to provide 3D-clear aligners. The concerned orthodontists examine the tooth molds, and then kits are delivered to patients. The firm employs 225 licensed professionals. Despite being an online dental service provider the brand has 300 retail sites throughout the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.


December 2023 led to the closure of SmileDirectClub, having filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy fewer than three months before.

Treatment Plan

SmileDirectClub clear aligners are not available after closure. However, the SmilePay payment plan is available and regulated by HDF.


Amazon still supplies SmileDirectClub oral care products.


The company was closed due to bankruptcy, so the customers' repayments were delayed, and their treatments remained incomplete.


AlignerCo is one of the Invisalign alternatives at home, which Straighten the teeth with AlignerCo Invisible Aligners.

Treatment Plans

1. All Day Invisible Aligners

All Day Invisible Aligners align your teeth in 4-6 months after a daily wear time of 22 hours for $820.

2. NightOnly Clear Aligners

At $1020, NightOnly clear aligners reposition your teeth. They require 6-8 months of daily 8-10 hours of wear time.


● Continuous tracking is ensured through AlignerTracker software.

● Eight retainer sets are provided with an aligner treatment plan.

● Referring to a friend can earn you a $50 bonus.

● AlignerCo offers a complete refund if the treatment goes wrong

● A US-certified orthodontist approves each aligner treatment plan.

● Installments option available for payments.


Achieving straight teeth on a budget is not a problem now. Numerous Invisalign alternatives for adults are here to resolve your dental concerns within your range. From cheapest to expensive, personalized care to professional consultations to the precision of digital treatment planning, there are plentiful aligners brand options to choose from. With brands like Byte, you can get quality services at controlled prices. The best part is the remote progress tracking, which saves time and money and provides 24/7 services. So, by weighing the pros and cons of each solution and consulting with orthodontic professionals, individuals can embark on their journey toward a straighter, healthier smile with clarity.

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Dr gull, a dedicated medical professional perusing specialization at Mayo hospital Lahore and currently serving as house officer.