Alignerco Reviews - What you Need to Know Before Buying?

You probably spent half of your teenage years trying to hide your smile because you weren't comfortable with how it looked or because you had metal braces on that made it even worse. To get rid of this discomfort, different companies in the orthodontics industry have gone ahead and come up with invisible aligners. Invisible braces have grown in popularity due to the wide range of benefit they offer.

They are safe, affordable, removable and discreet, it really does not get better than that. Of all the companies that offer invisible teeth aligners, alignerco is one of the few with a five star rating.

Alignerco Reviews - What you Need to Know Before Buying?

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With the number of different brands out there, there are some things you need to give serious consideration before getting your clear aligners:

Treatment Duration

The amount of time required for effectiveness varies for different braces. Some braces require three months to get the best results, some, six months. It also depends on the degree of alignment your dentition requires and your level of compliance.

If you want to see results in as little time as possible, you should pay attention to the type of braces you're getting and try to know the duration required for effectiveness.


Clear aligners are generally more comfortable, more discreet and easier to maintain. This however also varies from brace to brace. Some braces have more effects on daily activities than others, the ones with the least effect will undoubtedly also cost a little bit more.

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Expert Involvement

It is also important for you to know how you will go about the process of getting your braces from a remote area. All you need to do is take a mold of your teeth and send it to the company where an orthodontist will examine the mold.

After this, they will be able to determine whether clear aligners are a good fit for you and if so, they'll create the treatment plan that is likely to work best for you and send you a preview. If you like the preview, you can agree to the plan by signing off after which they'll start producing your aligners.

Teeth Aligners


It is easy to be told about the features and benefits by the producers of a product but feedback from customers who actually have had the same problem as you do and have used the clear aligners will go a long way in helping you make your decision. They will be able to enlighten you about the little things that can be missed by someone who actually hasn't used the braces. Read Google Reviews related to Alignerco.


The cost of invisible braces may seem a little bit over the top but, rightly so, considering the array of benefits they offer. Still, the prices vary depending on the brand, comfortability, accessories that come with it and degree of expert involvement. You should try and make sure that the price of the aligner you want is within your budget.

Is Alignerco trustworthy?

The short answer to this question is yes. If you take a brief detour ad check Alignerco reviews and Alignerco before and after reviews, you'll find that they do exactly what they promise; excellent customer service, desired results in specified time and affordable aligner kits. Get more Details about Alignerco in Trust Pilot.

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How long does it take Alignerco to ship?

Counting from the moment you send back your impression kit, you can expect to wait about four to five weeks before receiving your aligner kit.

After about twelve to fourteen days of receiving your impression kit, Alignerco will send you a preview of the treatment that has been drafted for you. You go through this preview and decide if you want it. If you do want it, you then let them know that you'd like to continue by approving the plan and making the necessary payments.

After this, the ball is back in their court. In the absence of any unprecedented events, your aligner kit should arrive about two to three weeks after approval. This is what makes up the estimated four to five weeks which is actually less time than some other aligner brands take.

Which Invisible aligner is the best?


Invisalign is considered to be the best clear aligner brand mostly because if it's hands-on service and extensive treatment of severe cases. And also because it has been around the longest and has recorded the highest success rates.


Alignerco is considered to be the best in terms of affordability. The fact that their products are cheaper does not in away mean that they have less quality. Alignerco has the best industry prices of all the clear aligner brands.


Alignerco Pros


This is, once again, one of the best parts of getting your braces from Alignerco.They offer full aligner treatment for a reduced price of $1,145, making them the most affordable option you’ll find. The $1,145 aligner package includes the cost of your impression kit ($75 sold separately, but often on sale for $40!) and your first set of aftercare retainers, which other companies sell for $99. They even sometimes run sales, thereby, dropping the prices even lower.

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Amazing customer service

Alignerco ensures that there are staff members who keep up with you consistently throughout the period of your usage. A lot of the customers have also testified that they never had to wait for more than forty eight hours to get a response to their email. Any trouble, whether with the impression kit or anything at all prompts a specialist's attention to guide you through the process.

Remote access

With Alignerco, you do not even have to get off your couch except to receive your braces at the front door. You only need to send a mold of your teeth to the company where they'd determine whether invisible braces will work for you and then create it if the answer is affirmative.


Essix is an established, reputable and well-respected producer of dental materials that is often patronised by top clear aligner companies. It is from this company that Alignerco gets its materials. Quality materials translate to quality products. Using materials from Essix ensures that Alignerco can produce sturdy, long-lasting and efficient aligners.

Night only Treatment

Alignerco now offers the night only treatment where you can align your teeth while sleeping. This is for flexibility and convenience for people who may not like to be seen with it, although, its visibility is limited.

Hand crafted aligners

There are two ways to cut an aligner: scalloped to the gumline or straight across the top. Straight-cut aligners slightly cover your gums and this overlap can be easily seen in close quarters. Alignerco trims the aligners to fit your gum. Aligners that are trimmed to your gums won’t have this overlap, so they offer a little more discretion.


Alignerco Cons

It would be wrong to just put out all the things Alignerco can do to put the best smile on your face without telling you about some obstacles you may face. Here are some possible roadblocks you may encounter on your alignment journey:

Few startup options

Unlike most of its competitors, Alignerco has basically only one way for you to begin treatment. The first step is often the most difficult in any process and teeth alignment is no exception. It is also a popular opinion that more in-person teeth scans is a better option than the do-it-yourself smile impression. Alignerco however has only one of such points in Long Island, New York. This ,as expected, is only convenient for people who live nearby.

The most common option of the impression kit only involves you mixing a special putty that is sent to you by the company, biting down on it and sending it back. This sounds as easy as pie but some customers have found that it requires multiple trials to get a suitable impression of their smile. To make this a little easier, Alignerco has made video chats a thing to guide you with the kit.

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Small customer base

This is on a fine line between being a pro or a con. The small customer base implies that you don't have a lot of information to go on but it also has proven to make the company more attentive as it has less people to attend to. The size of the customer base is looking to be a temporary thing as Alignerco is rapidly expanding.

No whitening

Alignerco does not offer whitening service in its package but it's a reasonable trade off. It is one of the things that enable them to provide such high quality aligners at affordable prices.

What other companies make clear aligners?

Apart from Alignerco, there is a myriad of other companies that offer the same services and products. These companies include:

- SmileDirectClub

- Byte

- SnapCorrect

- DentsplySirona

- Candid

- Align Tech

- Straight My Teeth

- Alpha Veneers

What makes Alignerco stand out from these other companies?

As a growing company, Alignerco as done an excellent job of producing high quality products. Despite not have a gigantic customer base, it has some of the best reviews which have shown the incredible thing that makes it stand out from the others.


The first thing you'll likely see in a lot of customer reviews is that alignerco's clear aligners were so cheap that they aroused suspicions. The next thing will probably be that the suspicions proved to be baseless as the aligners worked perfectly and produced the desired results. This is what really sets Alignerco apart from other companies of its kind. Alignerco even offers two financial options in case you can't pay at once.

There's the SmileFlex which requires you to pay a hundred and ten dollars installmentally for twelve months. This first plan, however, has a soft credit check as an important criterion. The other plan - the SmileFlexEasy- has no such requirements. This, on the other hand, needs you to make a down payment of two hundred and seventy five dollars and the rest in ninety five dollars every month for eleven months.

A thorough calculation shows that these payment plants cost a little bit more than a one-time payment but they are easier if you don't have the money all at once. Alignerco offers the best invisible braces at the cheapest prices.

Alignerco vs other aligners

Alignerco vs Byte

In their aligner packages, Byte includes a free device- Hyper Byte - for free, this is their winning card. The Hyper Byte is a high frequency vibration device that is intended to make treatment faster and more comfortable. It helps to shift the the teeth into place more easily and in less time. With this, Byte can boast of a shorter treatment time than Alignerco.

Byte also has a Byte-for-life guarantee where they send you free aligners, if your teeth ever shift out of place, under the condition that you've been compliant with the "get a new retainer every six months" rule. With these two perks, Byte aligners are bound to cost more than Alignerco's. Overall, they are both worth their respective prices.

Alignerco vs Alpha Veneers US

Alpha veneers are the ideal choice to mask any imperfection that prevents you from enjoying yourself socially. They have the added benefit of coming in two versions to fit into your schedule and goals. They are also affordable and made from high quality materials. Alpha Veneers are still new in the market, so they don’t have the rich history of quality services of other brands.  

Alignerco might be considered the better option because it have been in the market longer and considered ks great option when you look at its significantly low price.

Alignerco vs Candid

What really makes Candid stand apart from Alignerco, and other clear aligner brands at that, is the level of quality care they offer. They use a hybrid at-home and in-person treatment model.

You, first of all, have an in-person initial consultation and examination with a local dentist as opposed to the impression kit that other brands use. After this, you then check in virtually every fourteen days on their CandidMonitoring service for the rest of your treatment. This leverage may not be all it seems when you consider that it makes their package cost over three times that of Alignerco's.

Alignerco vs Invisalign

Invisalign's core benefit is its hands-on treatment. They offer in-office service as opposed to Alignerco's at-home one. This has caused a wide gap in their price range; Invisalign's packages are almost four times that of Alignerco's.

Another major difference is that while Alignerco is good enough for mild to moderate misalignments, Invisalign can treat severe cases of spacing and bite issues. However, if your misalignment is just a mild one, Alignerco can do the job right and at an affordable price.

Comparing cost of the top clear aligner brands

- Candid's comprehensive care package costs $3,300 on average.

- Byte's Convenient Treatment Package costs from $1,895 to around $2, 295.

- Alignerco's Budget Aligner Option Package costs from $1,145 to around $1,345.

- SmileDirectClub's First-ever Remote Aligner Package costs $1,950.

With the list above, it is clear that Alignerco offers the best prices of all the top clear aligner brands.