Byte Reviews Are These Aligners Worth it?

It may seem too good to be true that orthodontic treatments such as clear aligners can rewrite the story of crooked teeth for good. But really, it's true. Just as the world keeps progressing along with technology, dental solutions are being developed and transformed. Aligners are the new braces and their features have made them widely accepted. When talking about aligners, the first benefit that comes to mind is the ease it allows. People that have used braces before know very well that it could be a real pain, and that's because it is usually made of metal. Aligners, on the other hand, are majorly made of plastic. Aside the absence of pain, dental health is better preserved with aligners than with braces. This is because you can't brush or even floss easily with metal braces but you can easily remove your aligners and brush your teeth. They are far easier to use and remove than the traditional braces.


Clear aligners are even a further improvement in the orthodontic industry. Just as the name implies, they are transparent aligners and this makes them more preferred to ordinary aligners. With clear aligners, you can smile without anyone seeing anything except your teeth. Incase your clear aligner gets a bit dirty, you can easily wash in a cleaning solution. Clear aligners offer premium comfort while effectively positioning the teeth correctly. Here are reasons why aligners are worth it:

Byte Aligners Reviews


The fact that clear plastic aligners are sleek and comfortable does not mean that they don't carry out their job perfectly. However, it should be put to mind that aligners are recommended for use in moderate or mild cases. Aligners straighten teeth gradually by putting continuous but mild force on the teeth. They align the teeth into the right position by means of gradual shifting. Reviews have shown how effective aligners are in painless teeth alignment.

Byte Dental Aligners


Another reason to choose aligners over braces is that they are really cost-effective. Considering the convenience and rapid treatment that aligners offer, their prices are not in any way outrageous. Traditional braces cost between $4,800 and $5,600 while plastic aligners cost between $1,500 and $2,000. The value gotten from aligners is greater than the cost. Thread in Reddit regarding "Is Byte Worth it?".

Dental Health

Using plastic aligners reduces the risk of having dental problems like bacteria and tooth decay. They make every corner of the teeth accessible while brushing or flossing because they can be removed without the need of a medical personnel. Furthermore, some studies have recently revealed that aligners can help in increasing the space between the teeth. More inter-canine space gives the teeth an improved look as the teeth do not look too crowded.


Treatment Duration

Regardless of how convenient they may be, whether or not you remove them while brushing, the truth remains that attaching anything at all to your teeth can never be 100% pleasurable. This takes us to the aspect of considering how long you'll have to wear the aligners for. Unlike metal braces, plastic aligners take shorter time to completely align and reposition the teeth. Although the treatment duration varies according to the alignment of your teeth, it usually ranges from four to six months.

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Aligners are very convenient to use, especially clear aligners. They make it possible to smile and carry out normal things without impediments or the fear of being mocked. They align the teeth without bringing any discomfort or disturbance. You can read Byte review in Forbes.

Do dentists recommend Byte?

It is normal to be wary of what experts or specialists in a particular field say about a product before usage, especially when it has to do with health. As for Byte clear plastic aligners, dentists recommend it.

However, Byte can't be used for severe alignment issues because the American Dental Association(ADA) is against the usage of at-home aligners.


Can Byte pull teeth down?

The answer is simply no. Byte aligners do not have the capacity or capability to pull down the teeth. Also, without the use of traditional orthodontics or hardware like rubber bands and brackets, the teeth, especially the molars, cannot be moved.

How long does it take Byte to straighten teeth?

Generally, it takes between four and six months for Byte to straighten the teeth. Although, with the use of HyperByte, teeth can be aligned in just three months. Reviews of Byte in Consumer Affairs.

Does Byte affect credit?

Byte does not have any credit impact. Byte doesn’t segregate on the basis of financial plans and this implies zero effect on credit.

Is Byte safe?

The answer is yes. When you use Byte clear aligners as instructed, you are sure to have no issues or complications. However, there are special conditions under which you should not use Byte aligners. Pregnancy is one of such conditions. The main reason is because the teeth may shift when you are pregnant, making your aligner inaccurate as it won't fit your teeth perfectly. Another condition is a recent tooth surgery or wisdom teeth removal. It is recommended that you wait for, at least, six weeks before getting an aligner if you have had a recent tooth surgery. Alternatively, you can get a release form from your surgeon and give it to Byte before getting the aligner. In Smile Prep you can see good and bad reviews related to Byte but the avergae is 4.2.

Does Byte Safe

How does Byte work?

The whole process of treatment with Byte clear aligners may seem lengthy but, it is actually uncomplicated and easy to follow through. You can go through all the stages without even realizing how many stages you have passed. There are five stages involved in Byte aligner treatment.

The first stage is getting the Byte impression kit. The impression kit is to let Byte know your specific alignment. The impression kit contains molding putty and several trays. You would simply bite down on the molding putty to give Byte a model of your teeth. Two attempts are meant to be made- for your upper and lower teeth. After completing the impression kit, you would send it back in its allocated packaging. If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not able to completely or accurately utilize the impression kit, Byte would send you a free replacement kit. Only the shipping fees would have to be paid by you. The second stage is where you simply wait for Byte to examine your impression kit and get back to you. Upon examination, if your teeth alignment condition makes you a suitable candidate for Byte's aligner treatment, a treatment plan would begin for you. Your aligner molds would be developed and treatment time would be determined and communicated to you. Conversely, if your molding putty shows that you don't need Byte aligners, your payment for the impression kit would be refunded.

The third stage is the commencement of your treatment properly. Normally, it takes from four to six weeks for you to get your Byte teeth aligners. It is in form of a complete treatment package that includes HyperByte, your first set of retainers and BrightByte- an agent for whitening. During the period of your treatment, you would be having regular checkups in order to monitor the progress of your treatment. The checkups would be in form of using the cheek stretcher included in your aligner package to take progress photos. Through customer support, you can contact Byte's orthodontists and dentists if you have any questions or complaints about your aligner treatment. The fourth stage is concluding your treatment. Within six months your treatment should be completed, whether it's an all-day or an all-night treatment plan. Byte recommends using the all-day aligners for 22 hours in a day, only removing it when you want to brush or eat. The all-night aligners should be worn for 10 hours in a day, you can put it on after dinner and remove it in the morning when you get up. The last stage simply involves maintaining your perfectly aligned teeth. The prescribed aftercare by Byte is simply using retainers at night. The sole purpose of using retainers is to avoid entering a relapse. However, if your teeth goes back to the old position, the Byte For Life guarantee gives you the privilege of being treated again at no cost.

Does Byte accept insurance?

Although you can pay with FSA or HSA, Byte does not accept insurance. However, if you're qualified, Byte can help you with the paperwork required to file your claim. If your insurance company includes orthodontic treatment in their insurance plans, you can be given part of the cost or fee. On Byte's website, there is a free check feature that allows you check if your insurance company will pay before you begin treatment at all.


Does Byte give discounts?

Yes, Byte gives discounts to military, veterans and students. Apart from these discounts, there are always offers on different levels that potential clients can take advantage of and reduce their cost. It is worthy of note that only one promotion code can be used for a product.

What is the price of Byte aligners?

The all-day aligners cost $1,895, while the all-night aligners cost $2,295. To get started, you'll order an at-home impression kit. With easy instructions, it only takes a few minutes to take impressions of your teeth and ship these impressions to Byte with free return shipping. The at-home impression kit, used to create your aligner treatment, is $95. With promo code SMILEBRYTE, you'll pay just $17.95!

Byte will refund you if you’re not a candidate, and there is no obligation or commitment to proceed with aligner treatment if you are. Byte also offers free insurance checks where a Byte representative will find out if your dental insurance will cover aligners on your behalf.

All-day or All-night, which is better?

The answer depends on your goals and preferences. However, the facts are clear: all-day treatments take shorter time than all-night treatments. The simple reason is that you wear all-day aligners for longer hours(22 hours) while all-night aligners are worn for shorter hours(10 hours). So if you want to get your treatment over with as soon as possible, you should go for the all-day aligner treatment.

If you are not so cool with wearing aligners all day for whatsoever reason, then the all-night option is better for you.

Pro's of Byte Aligners

Pros and Cons Byte Aligners

Treatment Time

Byte clear aligners can correct the alignment of your teeth in 3 to 5 months with the all-day plan and 4 to 6 months with the all-night plan.. This is fast compared to some other aligner brands. The presence of HyperByte accelerates the progress of treatment and makes results show faster.

Virtual Care

The fact that checkups are done virtually with progress photos gives more people access to Byte's aligner treatment. Unlike at-office aligners where you have to consider the distance of the office to where you're based, Byte makes it possible to access treatment from anywhere you might be. Your kits would be shipped to you.


Although aligners are not in any way as uncomfortable as traditional metal braces, they can still be a bit painful when they are being changed. However, Byte reduces that pain to the barest minimum with HyperByte. With the use of HyperByte, not only is treatment time reduced, the pain of changing aligners is also significantly reduced. This is made possible because the HyperByte devices allows the aligners to stay in perfect position.


Byte has over 200 dentists and orthodontists that are highly qualified and have several years of experience in treating teeth misalignment problems. The treatment plan of each client is made by these seasoned professionals.

Responsive System

Byte is very responsive to clients' enquiries and complaints. Whether the aligner is having some problems or help is needed to use any product in the treatment kit, you can always count on Byte's customer support unit to respond to you as fast as possible.

Although there have been complaints about errors of omission in treatment kits, Byte always resolves these issues accordingly.


In terms of technology, Byte has gone further than many aligner brands. Aside the development of HyperByte, Byte uses the Smile Science system of dentistry. This system accurately matches your bone structure and smile goals with your aligner with a five-pointed analysis model. This makes the aligners more effective as they perfectly fit your teeth.


Clear aligners have been proven by several clinical studies to significantly correct mild to moderate cases of teeth misalignment. Byte aligners have been effective in the treatment of some special cases of dental implant, missing teeth or veneers.


Byte aligner treatment costs lesser than some other aligner treatments, especially those that are at-office treatments. From impression kits to aligners and retainers, Byte is relatively affordable.


Con's of Byte Aligners

No physical consultation

Byte carries out all checkups and consultations virtually. Even though there are dentists and orthodontists that work on clients' treatment, there are no one-on-one consultation sessions with these specialists. This can be a setback as some clients may not know how to relay their problems or concerns virtually; but if there were physical checkups, the orthodontists may be able to carry out accurate checks by seeing for themselves.

Byte - No Physical Location

Errors in aligner kits

Byte reviews have shown that, sometimes, there are missing products in the aligner treatment kits. Although, once reported, these issues are usually resolved by Byte, missing products can delay treatment as the clients would have to wait for the missing product to be shipped.

Not effective for severe cases

Being at-home aligners, Byte cannot correct severe cases of teeth misalignment. Using Byte aligners for severe misalignment issues may even worsen the problem.

Which other companies make clear aligners?



Smile Direct Club

Snap Connect

Align Tech

Alpha Veneers


Straight My Teeth

What makes Byte stand out?

Compared with other at-home aligners, Byte reviews show that it is highly rated and much preferred by many. Byte is rated 4.4 out of 5 on most platforms.

Short Treatment Duration

Byte stands out due to their short treatment duration.  Byte is one of the aligners with the shortest treatment duration. Due to the development of HyperByte- a device that gives therapy through vibrations, treatment duration with Byte aligners is greatly reduced. HyperByte speeds up the treatment process by stimulating the activity of the cells through the high-frequency vibrations sent through the aligners and teeth.

Customer Service

Another aspect where Byte shines is great customer service. Most of Byte reviews talk about how fast and responsive Byte is to the concerns of its clients. The fact that it is virtual does not make the customer service any less effective.

Byte vs. other aligners

Byte vs. AlignerCo

In terms of cost, AlignerCo aligners cost lesser than Byte aligners. AlignerCo clear aligners cost $1,125, which is hundreds of dollars cheaper than Byte aligners. Also, the price of AlignerCo can be lesser as they always have promo offers every now and then.

On the other hand, in terms of customer support, Byte is rated higher. AlignerCo doesn't have as much orthodontists and dentists as Byte. The result of this is that the opportunity of a client having a discussion with a dentist or complaining about an issue to an orthodontist would be meager. As for Byte, there are over 200 orthodontists and dentists that are always ready to attend to the enquiries and complaints of clients.

With AlignerCo, passing of information is mostly done indirectly through the customer support representatives. The major drawback here is that there can be delay in relaying valuable information.

Byte vs. Invisalign

Due to the fact that Invisalign is in-office, it is recommended and preferred for severe cases of teeth misalignment. Byte, on the other hand, is only recommended for mild to moderate cases because it is an at-home aligner.

Invisalign aligners are not just made from plastic like other aligners. They are made from SmartTrack, a thermoplast material. The material is said to be better because it is more comfortable and discreet. Also, checkups are done in person, unlike Byte where checkups are done virtually. Invisalign gives more assurance of standard treatment because their dentists attend to patients in person.

In terms of cost, Invisalign is much higher than Byte. Invisalign clear aligners cost between $3,000 and $8,000 while Byte clear aligners cost between $1,895 and $2,295.

Byte vs. StraightMyTeeth

StraightMyTeeth aligner treatments take much longer than Byte aligner treatments; StraightMyTeeth treatments take between 5 and 14 months while Byte treatments take 3 to 6 months. In terms of customer service, StraightMyTeeth has many positive reviews of quick response.

The full treatment plan for StraightMyTeeth is €999, which includes whitening. Also, the impression kits cost €49; if the client is not eligible, they are refunded in full.

Byte vs. Alpha Veneers

Alpha Veneers' straightening treatment involves the use of artificial clip-on veneers, which may be six or eight. This system is far more expensive than Byte's clear aligner treatments. A set of six artificial veneers costs between $10,800 and $15,000 while a set of eight artificial veneers costs between $14,500 to #20,000. With Alpha Veneers treatment duration ranges from 2 weeks to 2 years.