SureSmile Clear Aligners Review: What You Need To Know

The transparent aligner juggernaut Invisalign is well-known. There are numerous other aligner procedures to take into account, with SureSmile being one of the most intriguing. The business began in 1998 with lingual braces made with arch wire technology and switched to clear aligners in 2007.

SureSmile can treat a wide range of diseases and is both efficient and reasonably priced. But does it fit you? This evaluation will examine its advantages and disadvantages, contrast it with alternative clear aligners, and assist you in deciding whether it will best achieve your smile goals.

How Does SureSmile Function?

Although SureSmile is an in-office aligner procedure, similar to Invisalign or ClearCorrect, only a dentist or orthodontist may provide it. Finding a local provider and setting up an initial appointment are the first steps. They will take 3D scans of your teeth, talk to you about your goals, and advise you on the use of clear aligners during this session and examination.

Unlike to some of its rivals, SureSmile doesn't mandate that dentists take their digital impressions using a specialized intraoral scanner. As the dentist doesn't need to buy any specialized equipment, their open platform can use data from virtually any scanner now available.

Your doctor will assess your case and decide whether SureSmile can help you reach your objectives based on the results of your exam and scan. If so, you will decide between one of their two plans with your dentist:

• Complete: three years of unrestricted aligners

• Select: a pay-per-aligner scheme where you pay as you go

After that, your dentist will input your data onto the SureSmile platform and work with the business to develop your treatment strategy. Your dentist will show you before and after models of your smile to make sure it matches your expectations before placing your purchase. After receiving your approval, SureSmile will produce your aligners and send them to your doctor by mail.

Your dentist will give you wear and maintenance instructions during your pickup appointment after you test on your initial set of aligners to make sure they fit comfortably. During treatment, you must wear your SureSmile aligners for a total of 22 hours each day; there is no overnight-only setting available.

Byte Aligners as an Alternative to SureSmile

And regarding the invisible aligners, which are currently quite popular among doctors, these come in a few different types, such as Byte Aligners and SureSmile. However, By Direct Channel Orthodontic had proven its effective way of treatment for both new patients and returning ones. Byte Aligners is the subject of this piece, resulting in the determination that SureSmile rivalry is undoubtedly possible and Byte Aligners presents different features, benefits, and considerations.

Features of Byte Aligners

1. Customized Treatment Plans

• Through Byte Aligners, the patients are provided with personalized treatments and follow-up plans made by their orthodontists to meet each patient's unique oral health needs.
• Innovation of technology enables prepositioning for measurement of tooth movement precision, yielding more predictable results.

2. Remotely Supervised Treatment

• Remote monitoring is one of the Byte Aligners ‘s advantages as it is performed by the licensed professionals.

• The most important benefit of online doctor-patient communication is that the patients can basically obtain support and guidance without the needs of going to the doctor frequently.

3. Clear Aligner Technology

• Byte Aligners—just like other clear aligner treatments—promise an inconspicuous orthodontic service.

• The inconspicuous clear retainers are practically invisible, hence, they significantly improve appearance during the alignment processing.

Benefits of Choosing Byte Aligners

1. Convenience and Comfort

• Byte Aligners are designed for comfort, with smooth edges and minimal discomfort.

• Patients enjoy the convenience of at-home treatment, reducing the need for frequent office visits.

2. Predictable Results

• The advanced technology behind Byte Aligners ensures predictable and efficient treatment outcomes.

• Patients can visualize their progress through virtual treatment simulations.

3. Affordability

• Byte Aligners offer competitive pricing compared to traditional orthodontic treatments.

• Flexible payment plans make orthodontic treatment more accessible to a wider range of patients.

Considerations Before Choosing Byte Aligners

1. Severity of Misalignment

• Byte Aligners may have applications appropriate for patients who are currently suffering from relatively simple to moderate malalignment problems.
• Use of more advanced techniques for patients whose problems are more serious is an option.

2. Commitment to Compliance

• The use of Bytes Aligners method is based on the patient's diligence to wear the aligners only according to the specified time.
• Those who seek this form of treatment may need to be careful in sticking to the plan to gain the best possible effect.

The advantages and disadvantages of SureSmile Therapy

A leading supplier of clear aligners, SureSmile has a number of unique benefits over the competition. There are some significant drawbacks as well. In our clear aligner rankings, which are based on efficacy, price, practicality, aesthetics, and patient experience, SureSmile received a score of 4.2/5.

Here's a quick rundown of the most important benefits and drawbacks before we dive into much more detail on how SureSmile compares category by category:

SureSmile Advantages

• Compared to certain other conventional in-office aligner brands, treatment with SureSmile is more economical.

• Compared to other clear aligner manufacturers, SureSmile claims that you're less likely to require adjustments during or after treatment.

• To find the one that works best for your misalignment and budget, you can choose between two different treatment options (Full and Select).

• Based on your particular situation, your doctor can alter the cut of your aligners. Some manufacturers of transparent aligners uniformly utilize either a "straight" or "scalloped" cut.

• A wide range of orthodontic issues, including severe misalignments, can be treated with SureSmile aligners.

SureSmile Disadvantages

• Their main rival, Invisalign, has more experience than SureSmile.

• Some dentists believe the SureSmile material is less efficient than the SmartTrack plastic used in Invisalign.

• It necessitates routine office visits, in contrast to Byte's at-home clear aligners.


You want to be certain that a clear aligner treatment will produce results before you commit, and SureSmile most certainly does. Like Invisalign, it can correct a variety of tooth and jaw misalignments, making it one of the best transparent aligners on the market.

SureSmile aligners are successful at correcting even severe cases of misalignment.

SureSmile can treat just about any misalignment that Invisalign can, including class I, II, and III malocclusions, making them more effective than at-home aligners like Byte and SmileDirectClub. That power is largely thanks to their ability to incorporate elastics and dental attachments — tiny shapes affixed to your teeth that your aligners can leverage to achieve more complex shifts.

These attachments must be placed by a dentist, hence they are only offered with in-office procedures and not with at-home aligner services.

Patients of SureSmile rarely require adjustments following treatment.

The October 2020 issue of the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics reports that patients using SureSmile require 50% less adjustments than patients with clear aligners as a whole. This is due to a few factors:

Before sending out its kits, the company thoroughly inspects each aligner, which helps avoid therapy from being derailed by manufacturing faults. Second, they provide your doctor complete control over the design of your aligners, enabling them to better adapt your course of treatment to your unique condition. Most businesses either trim their aligners straight over the gum line or scallop them to do so. SureSmile gives your doctor the option, personalizing for comfort and force.

Your smile change will be safe and continuously checked if you schedule routine dental appointments

You will visit your dentist again in a few weeks to ensure that your teeth are moving as intended. Your dentist can also install, fix, or replace attachments during these sessions. If anything seems off, they can even get in touch with SureSmile to change your treatment plan and send new aligners.

This regular monitoring keeps you on track and greatly lowers the risk of developing serious concerns because your dentist can take care of any problems before they worsen.

In order to make their aligners, SureSmile only uses the best materials.

Essix ACE is a superb dental plastic made by a reputable company that SureSmile employs. Dependable, durable dental plastics can help clear aligners work more effectively and precisely. ACE is superior to many types of plastics, but some dentists believe that Invisalign's SmartTrack material is more precise and comfortable.


Due to the high cost of orthodontic care, many people put off receiving the necessary treatment for years or even decades in order to save money. SureSmile is reasonably priced for an office visit. In fact, its pricing may even be competitive with some at-home aligner brands, depending on how many aligners you require.

The typical cost of SureSmile is $4,000, which is a few thousand dollars cheaper than the costs of Invisalign and braces.

Nevertheless, with the Select plan, you may pay as low as $2,000 if you only require a few aligners to make minor adjustments. With the Complete plan, complex cases could cost up to $6,000, but this price covers unlimited aligners for three years.

So how does SureSmile provide therapy at a lower cost than its in-office rivals without compromising on quality? Your doctor decides the cost of treatment, and when materials and lab expenses are more cheap — as they are with SureSmile — they may pass the savings on to you. Also, doctors can use any intraoral scanner brand they already have in their practice thanks to SureSmile, eliminating the need for them to invest in costly or new equipment only to provide the service.

Depending on your particular insurance plan, your insurance may only offer partial coverage.

Your SureSmile treatment can be partially covered by your insurer if it offers orthodontic benefits. If you're only making aesthetic changes, coverage is less likely, but if SureSmile is required to enhance your oral health overall, your insurance may contribute. Contacting your insurance company is the only way to be certain because everything relies on your unique plan.

Your dentist's or orthodontist's office may provide payment options.

The majority of people do not have thousands of dollars on hand to pay for treatment up front, despite the fact that SureSmile is reasonably priced. You might need to sign up for a payment plan if you can't afford to pay for SureSmile all at once. Several dental offices provide in-house financing options or can at least direct you to one. You can check out CareCredit if your preferred doctor is unable to assist you.


Cost may be the main obstacle keeping patients from receiving orthodontic treatment, but convenience is a close second. You can receive active therapy for more than two years with conventional metal braces. Although if SureSmile cuts that time in half, it still isn't as effective as many at-home aligner services. Also, while SureSmile's routine office visits enable your dentist to closely monitor your development, they aren't quite as efficient as remote treatment.

The SureSmile procedure usually takes 6 to 18 months.

According to SureSmile, its treatment schedules are roughly 40% shorter than conventional procedures – aka braces. Hence, SureSmile can complete in 12 to 15 months what braces could take 24 months to complete.

That's fairly quick, occasionally even quicker than Invisalign. Unfortunately, it falls short of at-home aligner providers' typical treatment times. You might see complete results in as little as four months, depending on the firm and your alignment issues. Nonetheless, this frequently occurs since at-home aligner services handle milder misalignments that are easier to fix.

You'll visit the doctor's office around every three months.

Your dentist will monitor your progress during your SureSmile treatment to make sure your teeth are shifting as intended. According to the SureSmile website, you should anticipate going to the dentist's office every three months, though your dentist may recommend changing this according on your health and preferences. Even though three months is less frequently than Invisalign, which normally calls for visits from dentists every 4-6 weeks, it still requires time.

Such time commitment might be worthwhile for certain people, especially those with intricate misalignments. Others may find it less convenient, especially if they may use a service like Byte or SmileDirectClub to complete their treatment totally at home.

The SureSmile daily wear procedure is very comparable to other clear aligner procedures.

Generally speaking, you must keep them indoors for 22 hours each day, though you might reduce this to 20 hours on special occasions. Keep your aligners in their case whenever you're not wearing them. Purchasing extra cases to keep at home, the office, and in your luggage is a smart idea.

While eating or drinking anything other than simple water, you must take out your aligners. Every time you eat, you should brush and, if you can, floss your teeth to protect both your teeth and the aligners. You should also immediately rinse the aligners before putting them back in. Also, you must clean your aligners twice day in accordance with your dentist's instructions.

Many at-home clear aligner systems have a less convenient startup process than SureSmile.

The majority of remote solutions need you to take your own impressions, which can be sticky, unorganized, and uncomfortable. With SureSmile, your dentist captures scans of your teeth (often referred to as digital imprints), doing away with the mess and leaving the technical aspects to your dental expert.


The majority of adults who need orthodontic treatment prefer the most covert solution. At the moment, transparent aligners are that choice. Others frequently cannot even know that you are wearing them. Yet not all clear aligners have the same appearance. While almost every business uses transparent, medical-grade, BPA-free plastic to make their aligners, differing materials and manufacturing techniques can provide somewhat varied styles.

SureSmile may either cut their aligners straight across or trim them to match your gum line. They use a clear, somewhat textured plastic.

The transparent plastic does not perfectly resemble the appearance of our real teeth, which are porous and have a matte appearance. Some people might think it's overly dazzling, but you could enjoy the glimmer it gives off when you grin. The texture, on the other hand, helps the aligners blend in a little more with the natural surface of the teeth.

Your dentist has several options for trimming your aligners, and they can customize it to your unique situation. A straight cut can slightly overhang the gums, whereas matching the gum line makes them less noticeable. Your dentist can use SureSmile to customize the straight cut's height, which can help conceal them.

Elastics and attachments increase how noticeable your aligners are.

Your aligners may be stronger with attachments, but they may also stand out more. Although your dentist will try to match attachments to the color of your teeth wherever possible, they still aren't completely undetectable.

Wearing your SureSmile aligners while consuming anything other than water is not advised. Although not stain-proof, their material is stain-resistant. So, if not properly cared for, they may cause your teeth to seem stained.

Patient Experience

A patient's orthodontic experience can be made or broken by support. The most efficient and reasonably priced clear aligners in the world won't help you if the dentist or firm doesn't treat you kindly. Your whole SureSmile procedure will be managed by your doctor's office, ensuring that you receive specialized care from professionals who are familiar with both you and your smile.

Like the majority of other in-office clear aligner brands, SureSmile offers excellent customer service.

In-person treatment is preferable to remote options because it offers more immediate monitoring and engagement. Call the office during business hours if you need assistance or have any queries for a friendly response. Additionally, you can receive hands-on care within a few hours to a few days if something is badly wrong.

This is very helpful if you want to make modifications or improvements. If your doctor discovers that the original plan isn't giving you the results you want, they can adjust the aligners themselves or even order new ones. Even though the business claims that's rarely necessary, having the choice is comforting.

Best Alternatives to SureSmile

Don't worry if SureSmile hasn't yet won you over. You have many different choices. The top in-office and at-home clear aligner treatments are listed below for your consideration.

($3,000–$8,000) Invisalign

More patients have received treatment from doctors using the original clear aligner manufacturer, Invisalign, than any other brand. Invisalign routinely produces the best results in the business, frequently matching the outcomes of braces even in challenging instances, even though you'll have to pay a premium for it.

($2,000–$6,000) ClearCorrect

One of Invisalign's most formidable rivals nowadays is ClearCorrect. The prices are often a little more than those of SureSmile, but the pricing options are more adaptable. In general, these two businesses have the same range of services, though SureSmile can handle larger abnormalities in a few specific circumstances.

($3,000–$8,000) 3M Clarity Aligners

The 3M Clarity Aligners are quite efficient. They can only be applied by orthodontists, they are made of two distinct types of quality plastic, and their treatment plans can integrate attachments in unusual ways to permit a variety of difficult movements. They are still a terrific choice, especially if you have a severe misalignment, but they are often more expensive and less accessible than SureSmile.

($3,500–5,000) Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles and SureSmile are quite comparable in price. Also, they provide the option of a dual course of treatment, beginning with clear braces to make larger modifications and ending with clear aligners. You will also have this option if you select a dentist who provides both SureSmile's aligners and their lingual braces.

($1,999) Byte

The "HyperByte" device, which is included in the price of their aligner package, is the company's claim to fame. Byte is a totally remote clear aligner service. This high-frequency vibration tool employs delicate micropulses to promote quicker dental shifts and aid in a more comfortable aligner fit. Because of this, Byte asserts that the typical length of a treatment plan is just 4-5 months.

($3,500+) Candid

With their innovative hybrid technology, Candid spans the gap between in-person and at-home treatment. You begin treatment by going to the dentist in person. After that, you'll use their CandidMonitoring service to check in remotely every 14 days, only returning to the office if your dentist requires it. In about six months, many Candid patients witness the full effects.

Summary: Is SureSmile the Correct Choice for You?

If you want to save money on Invisalign without compromising in-person supervision, SureSmile is a terrific option. SureSmile can correct a wide range of serious misalignments, but at-home aligners may be more economical and practical if you don't mind receiving care remotely. In the end, everything depends on your own circumstances, financial situation, and priorities.